Timetables, examination regulations, the Study & Resource Centre or the library: most students will have had a grievance about one of these subjects, or perhaps an idea about how things could be organized better (or just differently). But these are not the only issues that the Faculty Student Council (FSC) deals with. For example, the planned move of Nijmegen School of Management will feature regularly on the agenda in the forthcoming period, and the improved website is another hot item. This page provides a brief introduction to the FSC.

The Nijmegen School of Management FSC 2017-2018 consists of the following members:

Yannick Jorna (President)
Tomas Jochoms (Vice president + Treasurer)
Bob Smits (Secretary + PR coordinator)
Kim van den Beuken (Contact person internships, career & internationalisation)
Gwen Steuten (Contact person PC & USC)
Tijs Wagenaar (Contact person Study Associations & housing)
The Faculty Student Council is made up of elected student representatives, and operates at faculty level in every faculty. Six students sit on the FSC, and they have a mandate to discuss and sometimes make decisions on faculty policy on behalf of all students in the faculty. The FSC is responsible for assessing the Dean’s plans (including those relating to education). The plans are assessed in the best interests of the students. The FSC then discusses these (and other) issues at monthly meetings of the Faculty University Council (FUC), which is made up of a representative of the Dean’s Office, lecturers and non-academic staff. Meetings of the Faculty University Council are open to all interested parties, so why not come along to a meeting? Get in touch for the times and dates, or stay up-to-date via social media.

If you have a grievance, a question or simply want to have your say in day-to-day faculty matters, send an e-mail to the FSC (studentenraad@fm.ru.nl).