Each degree programme has its own advisory committee. This committee monitors the quality of the programme. The most important tasks are evaluating the education and providing a recommendation as part of the annual enactment of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). In addition, the Education Committee is where students and lecturers can talk about all matters concerning education. The committee can also provide advice to the Dean on its own initiative.

Members 2017-2018

dhr. prof. dr. E. (Erwin) van der Krabben, chairman
mw. dr. R.G. (Rianne) van Melik
dhr. dr. ir. L. (Lothar) Smith, secretary
mw. dr. S.A. (Sietske) Veenman

Advising members
mw. J. (Jol) Beset, secretary
dhr. dr. ir. M. (Mathijs) van Leeuwen, CICAM
dhr. dr. B.M.R. (Martin) van der Velde, bachelor coördinator
mw. drs. J.M. (Jackie) van de Walle, studyadvisor

P. (Petra) Ibrahim, Ba 3rd-year, chair
dhr. B. (Bryan) Nijkamp, Ba 2nd-year
dhr. J. (Jurre) Nawijn, Ba 1st-year, (shadow)
mw. T.J.H. (Tiffany) Pergens, Ma SP
mw. E.M. (Eefje) Philipsen, Ba 3rd-year
dhr. L.M. (Lars) Stevenson, Ba 3rd-year

Education Committee GPE
Attn. Secretary’s office GPE, room 3.1.44
Radboud University
Nijmegen School of Management
PO Box 9108
6500 HK Nijmegen
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